Dialectual Behavior therapy

DBT is a skill-based approach to learning effective coping strategies that can be used to address and change unhealthy behaviors.


Dual Diagonosis Treatment

Dual Diagnosis is the treatment of patients who have both a substance use disorder and a mental health diagnosis such as anxiety or depression.


Acceptance and Commiitment

ACT is a form of mindfulness that is beneficial in helping change behaviors and assisting with commitment to positive action.


Cognitive Behavior therapy

CBT, a well-established practice is interwoven with other evidence-based practices. It focuses on changing destructive or unhealthy behavior patterns.


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EKRA Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center is a recognized leader in evidence-based treatment proven to get results. Our experts in Addiction Medicine—including highly educated clinical and medical professionals and expert psychiatrists and nurses—deliver care that never stops. Below, you can learn more about Gateway Foundation and our approach to treatment. Drawing from science and research-based models, we practice innovative and specialized treatment modalities across a full continuum of care. Our approach to care is evidence-based, but built around patients to adapt to needs such as dual diagnosis, trauma and family services. Expertise and compassionate leadership enable EKRA teams to meet diverse needs with a personalized treatment curriculum that recognizes the humanity and individuality of each patient.

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